Amidst the crowded forest, you saddle and mount onto your steed. You turn around and pull your lady up. You are both ready. An instant trust amounts. She puts her faith in you, and you take it like her valiant knight, her protector. And your iron steed blows fire to gallop away from the world of the mundanes. Amidst that of the rigmaroles of urbanites and their skyscrapers.

With your iron steed, you can turn the asphalt into a magic carpet that twists and winds. Travelling on the path that neither you nor your lady had ever laid eyes upon. The lake is now a mystical watering hole where your iron steed would stop, and you will deep your toes into. The horizon is nearer than before, and you speed towards it to hold the golden setting yolk in your hands.

The changing wind touches your lips and cheeks, and carries on to caress her hair. Her hair flowing in the changing colours, with the iron steed speeding through the light. She smells her valiant knight carried in the wind, as you feel her trust even not seeing her. A bond builds.

We often lose sight of the simplest joy. The feeling of being closer together. The feeling of trusting someone like riding on a motorcycle together. It is not just about trusting the rider. The rider needs to trust the pillion rider too. It takes synergy for two people to be on a motorcycle together. It is almost primal, being on a machine, as supposed to being in a machine like a car. You are almost 'naked', unprotected, and exposing yourselves to the elements. The beauty of the wind on your faces and your hair. The closeness of experiencing sights with your naked eyes, lights bouncing with the winds.

And with that touch of magic, you are free, free to explore. There are no paths less beaten, no alleys too small, no stops too abrupt. You just go with the flow, no plans, no maps. You stop at the edges to admire the horizon. You pull up at the side to pick the sweetest of berries. You turn in to discover an abandoned lighthouse, only to receive the most amazing view from above.

All these to experience with that someone who could be. And how about letting the imagination run wild with pure instinct, on a romantic motorcycle date?. The only thing that matters, is the person you are with on the trusty iron steed.

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