I am crazy about making things from scratch. I lived in western cities where Asian ingredients are difficult to come by, or expensive to buy. I started to learn how to cook only when I was living overseas. It was not easy being away from my comforts, so learning how to cook was a step towards being more efficient.

From then, I strive to try to make most things from scratch. It was most difficult when I was in Amsterdam. It was not as cosmopolitan as London and I was not exactly staying in the heart of action. The supermarkets were about 10 minutes walk away. But grocery shopping was definitely a chore or no-go when it was snowing or raining hail. So what does one do when it is raining hail outside and you have no staple but a big bag of flour?

I learnt how to make bread.

But now, I want to learn how to make noodles from scratch because I have never gotten to it. I kneaded some dough in front of my laptop whilst watching my series this morning. It was a simple recipe with plain flour, salt and water. The kneading was easy, the cutting was more difficult. I didn't roll out my dough, I pressed and punched it down. But it worked. I think I am getting the hang of it. After this rather successful first round of cooking my own noodles for lunch, I think i know how thick or thin the noodles should be next time.

A cheer.

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