I am a huge sucker for quick and easy healthy recipes. It not only saves time but also saves you carrying the bulk from the market, not to forget it beats junk food anytime. I was surprised when I stumbled upon this one-ingredient soup. But it cannot be dubious when it is by Gordon Ramsay. And of course you have the charming British demonstrating it in the video, it cannot be simpler than what he did. Well, it can. Ramsay made the more elaborated version of it with the drizzle of oils, and also topped it off with what was some expensive looking gourmet cheese. That in itself would be two ingredients if you ask me. If you do not consider water, salt or a quick drizzle of olive oil and a crack of pepper as ingredients, then it is really just a head of broccoli or two, depending on the volume you want to make.

I made it myself several times but excluded the more expensive cheese at the end. Not because I think it will not add to the taste but I am always trying to keep cost low and it is supposed to be a light appetiser anyhow. I visited a vegan friend once and we decided to make a quick meal. Pasta was the obvious but I suggested making broccoli soup when I saw he had some in his fridge. He went on to pull out other ingredients from his fridge, thinking we would be making a vegetable stock. He was in disbelief when I told him it only needed broccoli. So, off we went to make this simplest of soup in less than ten minutes.  It is the most amazing one-ingredient soup you can ever make and impress anybody. It is now his signature soup.

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