Some time ago we posted that it is about time we lose that Singaporean accent and we got some comments. Mainly saying losing the accent is a bad thing. Our good friend shared this video with us and for those who do not know what a Singaporean accent is like, here you go. And no, we do not speak like this. But we can safely tell you that a lot of them do.

Hilarious isn't it!

Here are some comments as well as the post a while back.

Almost 2 weeks in Amsterdam and it is time we made it a point to lose our Singaporean accent. A friend used to tell us accents are cute... Hmmm, not for Singaporean accent.

We had to lose our accent when we were in London for 5 years. It was impossible for people to understand us with that accent. We didn't get it back immediately when we returned to Singapore and some people were looking at us in a 'so, you are a wannabe' sort of look. Argh...

When we knew that we were going to relocate, we started this crazy Singlish and Singaporean accent galore. That was almost to a point when Mr Washy couldn't understand what we were talking about over Skype.

We still have it and old habits die hard. The Washy laughs and teases us nonetheless. But we reckon it is time to speak proper English as of now, something the rest of the world can understand.


Panda Eyes said...
Aww, but it's so sad to lose your accent! Though I can sort of understand your point. I started sounding like a country bumpkin when I lived in a small city near farm land in the U.S. on the opposite coast I was raised on, so when I went back to my urban homeland on the west coast everyone thought I sounded like a cute little farm girl... Has it's uses, but people also assume you're stupid when using non-standard English for some reason :( Jerks! If you start speaking British English, a majority of the Americans you encounter will think you're super smart though ;D

Fidgety Fingers said...
Yea it is sad isn't it. But Singaporean accent with Singlish is simply undesirable, even for me. It is full of broken English and bad grammar. I indulged in it because I know I will probably not hear it very often after my relocation.

Anonymous said...
such a shame... it is ok to adapt your accent to make yourself more comprehensible but totally loosing it is not respecting where you come from... even after being away for very long, many of my friends still have accent from where they are from an they are proud of it. Wear it with a bit of pride and trust me you can never loose it totally.

Fidgety Fingers said...
This is hilarious. How can someone totally lose their accent? We don't think we can ever lose it. But there are ways to speak without sounding too trashy Singaporean. One can always speak classier English but to sound like someone from the heartland is a bit uncouth. Is Anonymous from Singapore or know what Singaporean accent sound like?

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