A while ago we posted about our easy peasy focaccia recipe. We are absolutely hooked on it. We were boiling some soup today. We used a chicken breast instead of a chicken thigh. It works just as well. The breast meat as be used later. You just have to season it quite a bit because the succulent taste of the chicken is now in the soup.

We proofed some yeast earlier on and mixed into into our dry ingredients and let it rest in the bowl, under a damp cloth for a few hours.

We then pressed it out into somewhat of a dish and added our sauteed chicken breast meat.

  1. We first sliced some onions and sauteed it in olive oil, some salt and pepper, and oregano.
  2. We then added some pomodori puree, from the tube and pan fry out the goodness from the puree.
  3. We then add the shredded chicken breast meat along with more oregano, salt and pepper to taste and finished it off with some white wine.
We pressed out a big one, along with 2 smaller ones. The smallest one of them all is usually for tasting purposes. If this experiment fails, the rest of them would be our lunch for tomorrow and perhaps even the day after. Lucky you, Mr Washy, don't we treat you well.

We proceeded to slice some roma tomatoes to place on top of the sauteed chicken. This is essential so that the chicken will not burn in the oven as the 'focaccia' is bakng. We also topped it with some salt, olive oil and oregano.

The little tester was long gone before we even thought of taking this picture. Washy, you are going to have a kickass luncheon tomorrow. It would be delicious even cold. Enjoy.

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