I have the habit of crocheting. It is calming for me and it is a form of meditation in my opinion. I like to crochet useful things whilst watching videos or traveling on the bus or on the plane. Instead of Candy Crushing or some senseless social networking that does not lead to anything productive, how about let us make something. Whether it is a small coaster from leftover yarn, or a pouch, or a scarf, they make useful gifts for friends and family with free time to readily available in your hands!

Why buy something from the stores? Why pay more and benefit commercialism? Why not learn something new, a useful hobby? Why not actually produce something with your hands? This month I made a conscious effort to learn how to read crochet patterns. I already know how to read simple patterns, but I want something more. I found an intermediate vintage pouch pattern and off I went.

It was not easy. Reading patterns take some effort and trial and error to get right. But after a few tries, I was off with my fidgety fingers. A 50g of yarn makes about 3 pouches and that makes a nice little gift for friends this season. At the end of watching my series and movies, VOILA! I made a gift. How fab is that? What are you making this season? Make a point to make something with your hands. And the more useful it is, the better. Your friends and family would actually use it. 

Gandhi used to spin wool to support India making their own clothes. And I hope to make a positive change in my life and the people around me, one stitch at a time, one pouch at a time.

About 1920, Gandhi began his program of hand-spinning wool into yarn and weaving the yarn into cloth. He had three principal reasons for doing this: (1) to aid economic freedom by making India self-sufficient in cloth; (2) to promote social freedom through the dignity of labor; and, (3) to advance political freedom by challenging the British textile industry and preparing Indians for self-government. He also began espousing his desires for a united and independent India, a revival of cottage industries, and the abolition of untouchability. Over a period of about ten years, he built the Indian National Congress into a major political and social force in India, and used that force to bring increasing international pressure upon Great Britain to grant independence to India.

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