So the Krabi adventure is coming to an end. I am sitting at the reception after check out waiting for my pickup to the 7 island tour that will end with a bioluminescent snorkeling or swim in the evening. I cannot wait for that. I am after all the ignorant urbanite. But the time with tour pickups in the sleepy island town is often late and delayed, hence this post.

What an amazing trip again. Well so far at least. But I really do not think anything is going to go wrong in this last leg of the trip. Even so, it would be a small percentage of the trip. 

Apart from the very beautiful landscape, it has been another trip of revelation. It has been not a drop of alcohol. Yes I love my alcohol and a cold beer is no doubt the best thing for a hot day on an island. But I have decided that this trip would be a relaxing trip without alcohol, with a lot of audiobooks, crochet and meditation. And indeed that was it.

I cannot remember which solo trip this is to date but I am gaining more and more confidence as I travel solo. Sure a lot of people do that. The Caucasian women would do it. One very seldom see an Asian woman go solo. I guess this is because we have always been taught that it is a jungle out there and it is dangerous and all that. Is the Caucasian woman less targeted then? I am not the petite feminine Asian so does that make a difference?

I don't know the answers to all of these. But I can tell you the low down of what it is like and to be careful about traveling solo as an Asian woman or even a Caucasian woman.

  • It is about your vibe. If you think you will be attacked, you wil be targeted. It is about your aura. If you are scared or if you are carrying valuables and afraid of being robbed, chances are people will smell that.
  • Separate your valuables. If you are checked into a hotel or guesthouse, don't carry all your money with you in case you lose it. However, if you are traveling with your baggage, always carry your valuables in an accessible handbag.
  • Keep your passport in your hotel. Some people do, some people don't. With all those island trips from Krabi, I really didn't want to wet my belongings. I also don't know to go snorkel and swim somewhere and leave my stuff unattended on the beach. Access your hotel or guesthouse. If they look dodgey then carry your passport with you. But honestly, why would you stay in a dodgey place when you are a solo female traveller anyway! Most hotels and guesthouses value their reputation and they will never go through your belongings. Not to say never. But sometimes the host cannot control it when they hire dishonest staff. I have not experienced foulness yet.
  • Where you stay is important. You can go all grunge but there is a limit. Always read reviews. That is what the internet is for. Make sure you don't need to walk into a dark alley and then the location is near amenities and places of interests so that you limit your transportations as well to save some cost if that is important to you. I always find it so muh more relaxing to just walk.
  • Be respectful. Learning a few local words and their culture is useful. The locals always appreciate it and they always smile back when you dabble in a bit of their language. They are also more willing to share when you open up with them that way.

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