My friend Mick sent this quote to me today and it reminded me of the time when I have just tendered my resignation. It was a no brainer for me to leave that company, even without a plan. I guess I am a righteous person and if there is a injustice I will not hesitate to get out of the situation. 

I vowed to be professional after my resignation. There was after all some notice period I had to serve. I was not angry, nor upset. It was my decision so I was woman about it. What made me upset was the shenanigans that came after it. The heir of this business was fuming and he couldn't understand why I would leave such a 'wonderful' company and that it was a once a lifetime opportunity that someone wanted to 'sponsor me to do good work'. I threw up in my mouth when I heard that. 

It was almost laughable and still is. Sponsoring me to do good work? I don't get the inheritance. I think the priorities were definitely unbalanced. 

Anyway the cut the long story short, after a few weeks of begging, I was simply not budging. I was not going to stay and help a rich brat earn his inheritance when he has no sense of aesthetics and standards. He wrote nasty emails to me, he hung up on me, he denied situations and he went back on his words. That was just petulant behaviour. I let him be but continued to hold my ground and answered his calls and talked professionally. I was polite, I just continued the conversations as if nothing happened. Emotions aside, it was mere weeks before I did not need to speak to this person ever again.

He continued to try to talk me into helping the company in different ways after my resignation. Perhaps freelance, he said. I told him I will never freelance for him, a company without standards. I would have better things to occupy my time with and if I had to starve, so be it. He then naively asked me why I was still talking to him nicely. And because I was still talking to him nicely, he thought he had a chance to persuade me back. That remark threw me back a little. I was not surprised but I was amazed at how childish he actually is. To add to the disgust, he hung up.

And that quote above, the quote from Mick, made me think about that resignation situation. Just how many different types of people are out there, and how a heir to a global setup and a father of 2 behaved in such an unbecoming manner. 

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